"This is the second time I've used Brogan for a scene and once again she didn't disappoint. The scene was everything we'd hoped for and it was sent over to us very promptly. 10/10 would recommend!" - Rhîannon Jones

"Brogan has helped me with a comedy monologue & scene. Her comedic timing is always on point & she always makes the effort to get to know you and your casting to ensure the scene is right for you." - Tayla Kenyon 

"Brogan is able to create believable and likeable characters with her subtle and nuanced writing. As a brilliant actor herself, it’s clear in her work that she understands the importance of a showreel scene being true to the actors involved.  Within a matter of hours, and with a fairly simple initial brief, she was able to create a layered scene that suited both me and my scene partner perfectly"  - Ned Cooper


 I was worried at first because I’ve never had a script written for me with my ideas etc but you’ve taken what we wanted and written perfect scenes for our showreel. Thanks for listening to us and working with us to create amazing scenes!  - Alice Schofield

“What I like the most about "Chaos" is that it allows a lot of scope for individual interpretation, especially in regards to how Skye feels about Miller. The climax at the end is particularly humorously sinister and leaves more to the imagination than the final scene of the Sopranos!” - Adrian Margiotta

“It was an incredibly pleasant experience working with Brogan. Creating a showreel can be difficult, but the scene that Brogan wrote was terrific and helped to get that particular process off to a great start. The scene is entirely unique and feels personally tailored to those acting in the scene. When working on different drafts she was personable and entirely accommodating to our overall vision of what we wanted the scene to be. I will definitely be coming back to work with Brogan again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“ - James Coutsavlis 

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