My goal is to help actors feel ready and confident when heading to film their showreel.

I want to lift that burden of searching for the "right" material by giving you a fresh and unique scene - tailored just for you and your scene partner.. 


I write for the following Manchester production companies, whose showreel services have a concrete reputation of producing high quality scenes for actor's CVs. Take a peak!


**All scenes to be located and filmed outside until safe to do otherwise!**

**A lot of parks, benches, streets etc so if you have anything a "lil extra" let me know and we can take advantage of it!**






I really welcome ideas, so any preferences on the above, please let me know and I'll try my best to work them in for you.

Please note:

Briefs/ideas that are too specific, can sometimes block myself and the actors involved. Open minded briefs, make things quicker and easier for everyone!


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